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November 19-20, 2001 Meeting Materials

Central Florida Community College
Webber Center
Ocala, Florida
November 19-20, 2001


  1. Agenda (PDF, 140KB)

  2. Chairman's Report (PDF, 66KB)
    1. September 2001 Meeting Minutes (PDF, 44KB)

  3. Secretary's Report (PDF, 64KB)

  4. Department of Education Reorganization (PDF, 69KB)
    1. Update on Reorganization (PDF, 153KB)
      PowerPoint version (222KB)
    2. Strategic Planning Workshop (PDF, 232KB)
      PowerPoint version (306KB)

  5. School Code Revision (PDF, 70KB)
    1. School Code Rewrite Project Update (PDF, 18KB)
    2. School Code Rewrite Workgroup Recommendations, State Universities (PDF, 33KB)
    3. Access and Articulation (PDF, 13KB)
    4. Accountability (PDF, 11KB)
    5. School Code Rewrite Workgroup Recommendations, Community Colleges (PDF, 140KB)

  6. Florida Board of Education Strategic Plan (PDF, 66KB)

  7. 2002-2003 Legislative Budget Request (PDF, 68KB)
    1. Florida Board of Education K-20 Priorities

  8. Board Policies
    1. Presidential Evaluations (PDF, 63KB)
    2. University Presidential Searches (PDF, 139KB)
    3. Criteria for New Degree Authorization
      • One (PDF, 69KB)
      • Two (PDF, 26KB)

  9. Delivery System Action Items
    1. Limited Access Status for UNF's Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Multimedia Tracks (PDF, 71KB)
    2. Request to Sublease Property, UF, p.35 (PDF, 73KB)
    3. Resolution of the Florida Board of Education Authorizing the Issuance of Parking Facility Revenue Bonds to Finance Parking Garages, FIU
    4. Tenure Nominations as a Condition of Employment, FAU, FIU, FSU, UCF, UF, UNF, USF, and UWF (PDF, 77KB)
    5. St. Petersburg College Out-of-District Requests (PDF, 99KB)
    6. Approval of Academic Improvement Trust Fund Use (PDF, 75KB)
    7. Appointment, Florida Education Fund (PDF, 72KB)