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August 21-22, 2001 Meeting Material

Erwin Technical Center
2010 East Hillsborough Avenue
Room 210
Tampa, Florida

Some of the Power Point Presentations on this page are not linked and may not be available for download until after the meeting.


  1. Agenda (PDF, 154KB)
  2. Chairmanís Report
    1. July 2001 Meeting Minutes (PDF, File Not Found)
    2. Definitions of Seven Guiding Principles (PDF, 13KB)
  3. Secretaryís Report
    1. Draft Agenda for September 11, 2001 State Board of Education Meeting (PDF, 12KB)
    2. School Code Workgroup
  4. Budget (PDF, 62KB)
    1. Florida Board of Education Budget Summary (PDF, 71KB)
    2. Florida Board of Education Budget Detail (PDF, 117KB)
    3. Florida Board of Education 2002-2003 K20 Budget (PDF, 488KB)
      Powerpoint version (1MB)
    4. Florida Board of Education Budget Additional Issues (PDF, 82KB)
  5. Action, 2002-2003 Legislative Budget Request (PDF, 67KB)
  6. Department of Education Reorganization and Strategic Planning (PDF, 63KB)
  7. Chancellorís Memoranda (PDF, 67KB)
  8. Delivery System Action Items
    1. Consideration of Financing Plan and Resolution for the Issuance of Revenue Bonds for Florida State University Housing Facility
    2. Consideration of Amendment to the Campus Development Agreement between the Florida Board of Education (as a successor to the BOR), City of Gainesville, Alachua County, and the University of Florida.
  9. FCAT
    • Rule (PDF, 64KB)
    • Power Point Presentation
  10. Review of Meeting Objective and Discussion of Next Meeting Agenda (PDF, 63KB)