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Florida Board of Education Meeting

Miami Palmetto High School
7460 SW 118th Street
Pinecrest, Florida 33156
July 23-24, 2001

  1. Table of Contents (PDF, 43KB)
  2. Tab 1 - Agenda (PDF, 126KB)
  3. Tab 2 - Education Governance in Florida- The K-20 Model (PDF, 66KB)
  4. Power Point Presentation (110KB)
    PDF version (216KB)
  5. Tab 3 - Statutory Responsibilities of the Florida Board of Education (PDF, 69KB)
  6. Statutory Responsibilities (PDF, 42KB)
  7. Approved Meeting Schedule (PDF, 13KB)
  8. Cabinet Agenda 2001 (PDF, 56KB)
  9. Lunch - The story of Palmetto High School (PDF, 106KB)
  10. Tab 4 - Legal Guidelines for Board Members (PDF, 94KB)
  11. Sunshine Laws (PDF, 133KB)
  12. Tab 1 - Education in Florida (PDF, 71KB)
  13. Public Schools Power Point Presentation (PDF, 95KB)
  14. Workforce Development Power Point Presentation (131KB)
    PDF version (133KB)
  15. Community Colleges Power Point Presentation (175KB)
    PDF version (PDF, 79KB)
  16. State University System Power Point Presentation (934KB)
    PDF version (922KB)
  17. Tab 6 - Independent Education and Choice in Florida (PDF, 75KB)
  18. Division of Independent Education (PDF, 41KB)
  19. Tab 7 - The Work Ahead - Guiding Principles (PDF, 73KB)
  20. The School Code (PDF, 68KB)
  21. Reorganization of the Department of Education (PDF, 99KB)
  22. Tab 8 - Personnel Discussion and Actions (PDF, 68KB)
  23. Tab 9 - Florida Board Membersí Roles and Responsibilities (PDF, 66KB)
  24. Tab 10 - Delivery System Action Items (PDF, 88KB)

    1. Request to Name the Florida International University Graduate School of Business (PDF, 72KB)

      Memorandum - missing

    2. Authority to file Amendment to Certification with Public Employees Relations Commission to name Florida Board of Education as successor to the Florida Board of Regents for purposes of collective bargaining (PDF, 89KB)

    3. Equity Accountability Program (EAP) Report Agenda Item (PDF, 71KB)

      Equity Accountability Program (EAP) Report (PDF, 159KB)

      Equity Accountability Program (EAP) Plan Update, 2000-2001 (Excel Spreadsheet, 362KB)
      PDF version (95KB)

    4. Resolution of the Florida Board of Education Authorizing the Issuance of Not to Exceed $35,000,000 University System Improvement Revenue Bonds to Finance Capital Improvement Fee Projects (PDF, 77KB)

      Resolution (PDF, 17KB)

    5. Approval of Campus Development Agreement between the Florida Board of Education and the City of Tallahassee - missing

      Blas. J. Gomez, P.E. Letter - missing

      Development Agreement (PDF, 89KB)

    6. 2002-2003 Legislative Budget Policy Guidelines for the State University System (PDF, 71KB)

      Budget Request - missing

      Policy Guidelines (PDF, 71KB)

    7. 2002-2003 Legislative Budget Request Schedule VIII-B

      Budget Reduction Plans - missing

    8. Long Range Program Plans (PDF, 75KB)

  25. Tab 11 - Department of Education Program Highlight (PDF, 66KB)
  26. Tab 12 - Planning Board Projects and Activities (PDF, 67KB)
  27. Potential Meeting Dates (PDF, 25KB)