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Media Center
Atlantic High School
1250 Reed Canal Road
Port Orange, Florida

April 16, 2002
8:00 a.m.

Call to Order Chairman Phil Handy
Greetings and Opening Remarks:
    Mr. Ron Pagano, Principal, Atlantic High School
  Ms. Judy Andersen, Chair, Volusia County School Board
  Mr. William Hall, Superintendent, Volusia County Schools
Chairman’s Report (PDF, 11KB) Chairman Phil Handy
  February Minutes (PDF, 52KB)
  March Minutes (PDF, 37KB)
  Member Questions and Observations
Secretary’s Report (PDF, 11KB) Secretary Jim Horne
  Reorganization of the Department of Education Secretary Jim Horne
  Legislative Report, Substantive legislation Bob Ward
  Appropriations Bill Secretary Jim Horne
  CEPRI Projects (PDF, 11KB)
    Update (PDF, 52KB)
Bill Proctor
  “Operation Paycheck” David Armstrong
Board Consent Action Items:
  Approval of Academic Improvement Trust Fund Use (PDF, 16KB)
  Approval of Community Colleges’ Out-of-District Course Requests (PDF, 24KB)
  Approval of Appointment, Florida Education Fund (PDF, 14KB)
Consideration and Approval of 2003-2004 Legislative Budget Request Guidelines (PDF, 11KB)
Guidelines (PDF, 85KB)
Secretary Jim Horne
Presentation and Discussion of Community College Proposals to Offer the Baccalaureate Degree: (PDF, 14KB)

John Winn
  March CEPRI Meeting Minutes (PDF, 55KB)  
  CEPRI Recommendations (PDF, 55KB)

Chipola Junior College Proposal (PDF, 113KB)
CJC Staff Analysis - Business (PDF, 112KB)
CJC Staff Analysis - Education (PDF, 121KB)
CJC Staff Analysis - Nursing (PDF, 108KB)

President Dale O’Daniel
  Edison Community College Proposal (PDF, 263KB)
ECC Staff Analysis - Computer Technology (PDF, 104KB)
ECC Staff Analysis - Public Services Mangement (PDF, 105KB)

President Kenneth Walker
  Miami-Dade Community College Proposal (PDF, 436KB)
MDCC Staff Analysis - Early Childhood Ed (PDF, 49KB)
MDCC Staff Analysis - Elementary Ed (PDF, 114KB)
MDCC Staff Analysis - Secondary Ed (PDF, 117KB)
MDCC Staff Analysis - Special Ed (PDF, 117KB)
President Eduardo Padrón
Concluding Remarks and AdjournmentChairman Phil Handy