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State Board of Education Agenda

Gary Chartrand, Chair
Ada G. Armas
Sally Bradshaw
John A. Colon
Barbara S. Feingold
John R. Padget
Kathleen Shanahan

May 21, 2013

Duval County School Board Office
1701 Prudential Drive
Jacksonville, Florida

9:00 a.m. Call to Order Chair Gary Chartrand
Pledge of Allegiance
Member Comments
Commissioner's Report (PDF, 19KB) Commissioner Tony Bennett
  1. Teacher Salary Increase
  2. College and Career First Agenda and 2013 Legislative Review (PDF, 19KB)
  3. Common Core, Technology, Assessment and End of Course Exams (PDF, 138KB)
  4. K-12 Public Schools - Superintendent on behalf of the Florida Association of District School Superintendents
  5. Career and Adult Education (PDF, 186KB)
  6. Florida College System -- President Joe Pickens (PDF, 43KB)
Action Items
  1. Appointment of Vice Chair of the State Board of Education (PDF, 21KB)
  2. Approval of the 2013 Voluntary Prekindergarten Provider Good Cause Exemption Staff Recommendations to the State Board of Education (Summer VPK programs only) (PDF, 213KB)
  3. Request for Approval of Baccalaureate Proposal by Gulf Coast State College for a BAS in Digital Media (PDF, 4MB)
  4. Approval of the Order on Notice of Appeal of Denial of Charter School Application for Florida Virtual Academy at Pinellas County (PDF, 53KB)

  5. Charter School Appeals
  6. Orange Park Performing Arts Academy, Inc. vs. School Board of Clay County (PDF, 148KB) - Withdrawn
  7. Stephen Biko Charter High School vs. School Board of Duval County (PDF, 170KB)
  8. Traneshia L. Galloway Charter School of Business & Integrated Technology vs. School Board of Gadsden County (PDF, 122KB) - Withdrawn
Consent Items
  1. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-10.0315, College Preparatory Testing, Placement, and Instruction (PDF, 79KB)
  2. Approval of Amendment to Commission for Independent Education Rule 6E-2.004, Standards and Procedures for Licensure (PDF, 299KB)
  3. Approval of Designation of Academically High-Performing School Districts (PDF, 90KB) - Updated
  4. Approval of Appointment to the Education Practices Commission (PDF, 280KB)
Concluding Remarks Chair Gary Chartrand