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State Board of Education Agenda

T. Willard Fair, Chair
Akshay Desai
Mark Kaplan
Roberto Martínez
John R. Padget
Kathleen Shanahan
Susan Story

December 17, 2010

Miami-Dade College

11:00 a.m. Welcome Chairman T. Willard Fair
Chairman’s Report
Request of Commissioner of Agriculture Elect Adam Putnam re: School Nutrition (PDF, 303KB)
Chairman T. Willard Fair
Member Comments
Minutes of September 21, 2010 (PDF, 1MB)
Chairman T. Willard Fair
Commissioner’s Report (PDF, 7MB)

For a hard copy of the Differentiated Accountability Intervene Option Plan Selections, Strategic Plan, Implementation of FCAT 2.0, or Implementation of Class Size, contact the State Board of Education Office at (850) 245-9661.

Commissioner Eric J. Smith
Action Items Relating to Florida College System
  1. Approval of Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Request for New Site Designation of the Bartram Degree Completion Center Special Purpose Center (PDF, 647KB)
  2. Approval of New Bachelor Degree Programs in the Florida College System: (PDF, 146KB)
    1. Chipola College: Request for Bachelor of Science in: (PDF, 936KB)
      • Secondary English Education
      • Business Administration
    2. Florida State College at Jacksonville: Request for Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences with concentrations in Biological Sciences and Biochemistry (PDF, 849KB)
Action Item Relating to Commission on Independent Education
Approval of Amendment to Commission on Independent Education Rule 6E-1.0032, Fair Consumer Practices (PDF, 76KB)

Action Items Relating to PreK-12
  1. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-1.0014, Comprehensive Management Information System (PDF, 205KB)
  2. Approval of New Rule 6A-1.0015, K-20 Data Warehouse (PDF, 80KB)
  3. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-1.039, Supplemental Educational Services in Title I Schools (PDF, 4MB)
    For a hard copy of the Supplemental Educational Services Provider Application-2011, Form SES 100, contact the State Board of Education Office at (850) 245-9661.
  4. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-1.09401, Student Performance Standards (PDF, 1MB)
  5. Approval of New Rule 6A-1.099824, Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Program Good Cause Exemption (PDF, 185KB)
  6. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-5.065, The Educator Accomplished Practices (PDF, 291KB)
  7. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-6.014, General Requirements for Adult General Education Program (PDF, 31KB)
  8. Approval of New Rule 6A-6.05731, Industry Certification of Automotive Service Technology Education Programs (PDF, 40KB)
  9. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-6.0981, School District Virtual Instruction Program (PDF, 164KB)
  10. Rules Relating to Apprenticeship Programs (PDF, 368KB)
    1. Repeal of Rule 6A-23.001, Purpose and Scope
    2. Amendment to Rule 6A-23.002, Definitions
    3. Amendment to Rule 6A-23.003, Eligibility and Procedure for Bureau Registration
    4. Amendment to Rule 6A-23.004, Standards of Apprenticeship
    5. Amendment to Rule 6A-23.005, Apprenticeship Agreement
    6. Amendment to Rule 6A-23.006, Deregistration of Bureau Registered Program
    7. Repeal of Rule 6A-23.007, Hearings
    8. Amendment to Rule 6A-23.008, Complaints
    9. Amendment to Rule 6A-23.009, Reinstatement of Program Registration
    10. Amendment to Rule 6A-23.010, Preapprenticeship Programs
    11. New Rule 6A-23.011, Program Performance Standards
  11. Rules Relating to State Apprenticeship Council (PDF, 75KB)
    1. Amendment to Rule 6A-24.001, Name, Authority and Responsibilities
    2. Repeal of Rule 6A-24.002, Composition of Membership and Length of Service on the Council
    3. Repeal of Rule 6A-24.003, Officers and Their Functions
    4. Repeal of Rule 6A-24.004, Meetings
    5. Repeal of Rule 6A-24.005, Amendments
  12. Charter School Appeal Commission Recommendation re: CARE Charter School of Excellence vs. Jefferson County School Board (PDF, 786KB)
  13. Approval of Gold Standard Career Pathways Industry Certification to AAS/AS Degree Statewide Articulation Agreements (PDF, 689KB)
  14. Approval of Appointment of Katrina E. McCray to the Education Practices Commission (PDF, 67KB)
  15. Consideration of Proposed Sale of WXEL and Transfer of Broadcasting Station Lease (PDF, 13KB)
Concluding Remarks and Adjournment Chairman T. Willard Fair