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State Board of Education Agenda

T. Willard Fair, Chair
Peter Boulware
Akshay Desai
Roberto Martínez
John R. Padget
Kathleen Shanahan
Linda K. Taylor

July 14, 2009


10:00 a.m. Welcome Chairman T. Willard Fair
Chairman’s Report Chairman T. Willard Fair
Approval of Minutes of May 19, 2009, State Board of Education Meeting: (PDF, 16KB) Chairman T. Willard Fair
Commissioner’s Report (PDF, 14KB) Commissioner Eric J. Smith
Action Items:
  1. Approval of Budget Guidelines for Development of 2010-2011 Legislative Budget (PDF, 13KB)
  2. Approval of: (PDF, 21KB) 2009-2010 Differentiated Accountability Plan (Matrix), (PDF, 69KB)
  3. Adoption of a Resolution Extending the Division of Bond Finance’s Authority to Issue State Board of Education Public Education Capital Outlay Bonds through Negotiated Sale and Authorizing the Issuance of Public Education Capital Outlay Bonds and Capital Outlay Bonds as Taxable Bonds (PDF, 15KB)
  4. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-4.00821, Florida Educational Leadership Examination (PDF, 56KB)
Commissioner Eric J. Smith
Consent Items:
  1. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-6.014, General Requirements for Adult General Education Program (PDF, 18KB)
  2. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-6.0573, Industry Certification Process (PDF, 23KB)
  3. Approval of 2009-2010 College Reach-Out Program Recommendations (PDF, 18KB)
  4. Approval of Articulation Coordinating Committee Credit-By-Examination Equivalencies (PDF, 33KB)
  5. Approval of Statewide Articulation Agreement Industry Certification to AAS/AS Degree Program in the Areas of Automotive Service Management Technology, Landscape and Horticulture Technology (PDF, 17KB)
  6. Approval of Appointments and Reappointments to the Education Practices Commission (PDF, 18KB)
  7. Approval of Appointment of Dr. Linda D. Miles to the Florida Center for Nursing Board of Directors (PDF, 16KB)
Concluding Remarks and Adjournment Chairman T. Willard Fair