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State Board of Education Agenda

T. Willard Fair, Chair
Peter Boulware
Akshay Desai
Roberto Martínez
Phoebe Raulerson
Kathleen Shanahan
Linda K. Taylor

March 17, 2009

Tallahassee Community College Capitol Center
Tallahassee, Florida

8:30 a.m. Welcome Chairman T. Willard Fair
Chairman’s Report Chairman T. Willard Fair
Approval: (PDF, 15KB) Chairman T. Willard Fair
Commissioner’s Report (PDF, 33KB) Commissioner Eric J. Smith
Action Items:
  1. Approval of Amendments to Rules Relating to Limited English Proficient Students: (PDF, 21KB)
    1. 6A-1.09432, Assessment of English Language Learners (PDF, 19KB)
    2. 6A-4.0244, Specialization Requirements for the Endorsement in English for Speakers of Other Languages – Academic Class (PDF, 16KB)
    3. 6A-4.02451, Performance Standards, Skills, and Competencies for the Endorsement in English for Speakers of Other Languages (PDF, 11KB)
    4. 6A-6.0900, Programs for English Language Learners (PDF, 22KB)
    5. 6A-6.0901, Definitions Which Apply to Programs for English Language Learners (PDF, 22KB)
    6. 6A-6.0904 , Equal Access to Appropriate Instruction for English Language Learners (PDF, 50KB)
    7. 6A-6.0905, Requirements for the District English Language Learners Plan (PDF, 30KB)
    8. 6A-6.0906, Monitoring of Programs for English Language Learners (PDF, 55KB)
    9. 6A-6.0907, Inservice Requirements for Personnel Serving English Language Learners (PDF, 68KB)
    10. 6A-6.0908, Equal Access for English Language Learners to Programs Other Than English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (PDF, 19KB)
    11. 6A-6.0909, Exemptions Provided to English Language Learners (PDF, 24KB)
    12. 6A-6.09091, Accommodations of the Statewide Assessment Program Instruments and Procedures for English Language Learners (PDF, 33KB)
    13. English for Speakers of Other Languages Presentation (PDF, 107KB)
  2. Charter School Appeal -- New Alternative Education High School of Hernando County vs. School Board of Hernando County (PDF, 17KB)
  3. Approval of Request for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree at Manatee Community College (PDF, 25KB)
  4. Approval of Request to Restructure the Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Math/Science Teacher Education at Northwest Florida State College (PDF, 19KB)
Commissioner Eric J. Smith
Consent Items:
  1. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-1.039, Supplemental Educational Services in Title I Schools (PDF, 17KB)
  2. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-1.099, Cooperative Projects and Activities (PDF, 16KB)
  3. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-6.0571, Career and Technical Education and Adult General Education Standards and Industry-Driven Benchmarks (PDF, 17KB)
  4. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-6.0970, John M. McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program (PDF, 18KB)
  5. Approval of Amendments to Rules Relating to Vocational Rehabilitation: (PDF, 19KB)
    1. 6A-22.001, Definitions (PDF, 22KB)
    2. 6A-22.002, Rehabilitation Provider Qualifications (PDF, 12KB)
    3. 6A-22.003, Reemployment Status Review (PDF, 14KB)
    4. 6A-22.004, Notice Requirements (PDF, 15KB)
    5. 6A-22.006, Screening Process (PDF, 23KB)
    6. 6A-22.008, Reemployment Services and Programs (PDF, 20KB)
    7. 6A-22.009, Employee Responsibilities (PDF, 13KB)
    8. 6A-22.010, Reporting Services and Costs: Qualified Rehabilitation Provider and Employer or Carrier Responsibilities (PDF, 34KB)
    9. 6A-22.011, List of Forms (PDF, 15KB)
    10. 6A-22.012, Expenditures from the Workers’ Compensation Administrative Trust Fund (PDF, 13KB)
  6. Approval of Amendment Relating to the Life Span of a School Building or Facility to the Orange County School District’s Charter Contract (PDF, 17KB)
  7. Approval of Amendment to the Palm Beach County School District’s Charter Contract to provide an Exemption to the Requirements of Section 1001.42(4)(f), Florida Statutes, Relating to the 2009-2010 School Calendar (PDF, 16KB)
  8. Approval of Designation of Academically High Performing School Districts (PDF, 15KB)
  9. Approval of Request by Miami Dade College to Change the Designation of Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Special Purpose Center to Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Center (PDF, 17KB)
  10. Approval of Adoption of Resolutions Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of Not Exceeding $185,000,000 State of Florida, Full Faith and Credit, State Board of Education Public Education Capital Outlay Refunding Bonds, 2009 Series [to be determined] (PDF, 18KB)
  1. Update on Public Education Capital Outlay Bonds (PDF, 16KB)
  2. The Florida Community College Employment Equity Accountability Program 2008 Progress Report (PDF, 18KB)
  3. Next Generation Assessments (PDF, 106KB)
Concluding Remarks and Adjournment Chairman T. Willard Fair