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State Board of Education Agenda

T. Willard Fair, Chair
Donna G. Callaway
Akshay Desai
Roberto Martínez
Phoebe Raulerson
Kathleen Shanahan
Linda K. Taylor

May 15, 2007
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Orlando, Florida

9:00 Call to Order Chairman T. Willard Fair
Member Comments and Observations  
Chairman's Report: Chairman T. Willard Fair
Minutes of April 17, 2007
Commissioner's Report

Update on Repeating F Schools

Please contact the Office of Early Learning at 850-245-0445 to request a copy of the presentation presented at this meeting.

Presentation: Mathematics and Science - Solutions for Florida's Future

  • World Class Education Standards for Florida, Mathematics, the process and progression – Mary Jane Tappen and Todd Clark, Office of Mathematics and Science and Nancy Kinard, President of Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Florida’s Center for Research of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, FCR-STEM – Dr. Laura Lang, short video by Sir Doctor Harry Kroto
    • Please contact the Office of Math and Science at 850-245-0834 to request a 508 compliant version of the Power Point Presentation presented at this board meeting.
  • Real Life Solutions – Former Astronaut Sally Ride
  • Introduction of the 2007 Sunshine State Scholar, Casey Hua, Seminole County, Seminole County High School – Commissioner Blomberg

Agenda Item Science and Math (PDF, 24KB)
Math Standards FINAL (PDF, 227KB)

Commissioner Jeanine Blomberg
Action Items: Commissioner Jeanine Blomberg 
  1. Approval of Proposed New Rule 6A-5.081, FAC., School Leadership Development Programs
  1. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-4.0081, FAC., Florida School Principal Certification; Amendment to Rule 6A-4.0082, FAC., Specialization Requirements for Certification in Educational Leadership – Administrative Class; and Rule 6A-4.0083, FAC., School Principal – Administrative Class; and Repeal of Rule 6A-4.0084, FAC., Professional School Principal – Administrative Class
  1. Amendment to Rule 6A-4.0243, FAC., Specialization Requirements for Certification in Foreign Language (Grades K-12) Academic Class
Consent Items:
  1. Amendment to Rule 6A-14.030, FAC., Instruction and Awards in Community Colleges.
  1. Amendment to Rule 6A-14.0716, FAC., Community College Budgets
  1. Amendment to Rule 6A-14.072, FAC., Financial Records and Reports
  1. Amendment to Rule 6A-14.0734, FAC., Procurement Requirements
  1. New Rule 6A-14.080, FAC., Dr. Philip Benjamin Matching Program for Community Colleges
Concluding Remarks and Adjournment Chairman T. Willard Fair