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F. Philip Handy, Chair
T. Willard Fair, Vice Chair
Donna G. Callaway
Julia L. Johnson
Roberto Martinez
Phoebe Raulerson
Linda K. Taylor

October 18, 2005
8:30 a.m.
Broward Community College

Call to Order Chairman Phil Handy
Member Questions and Observations  
Chairman's Report: Chairman Phil Handy


Minutes of Meeting held September 20, 2005
Commissioner's Report: Commissioner John Winn
Action Items: Commissioner John Winn
  1. Charter School Appeal: Imhotep-NGUZO SABA Charter School vs. School Board of Palm Beach County
  2. Charter School Appeal: Mandela-NGUZO SABA Charter School vs. School Board of Palm Beach County
  3. Approval of District Action Plans for F Schools and F School Improvement Plans
  4. Approval of Contract Extension for Palm Beach County Schools as a Charter District
  5. Approval of Strategic Plan for Community Colleges
Consent Items:
  1. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-1.09412, Course Requirements — Grades 6-12 Basic and Adult Secondary Programs
  2. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-1.09441, Requirements for Programs and Courses Which Are Funded Through the Florida Education Finance Program and for Which the Student May Earn Credit Toward High School Graduation
  3. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-10.024, Articulation Between State Universities, Community Colleges, and School Districts
  4. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-10.030, Other Assessment Procedures for College-Level Communication and Computation Skills
  5. Approval of Amendment to Rules:
    • 6A-10.019, Required Annual Calendar for Schools and Colleges
    • 6A-10.02412, Foreign Language Competence and Equivalence
    • 6A-10.0242, Procedures for Determining the Level At Which Courses Shall be Classified
    • 6A-10.033, Postsecondary Credit Definitions
    • 6A-10.0331, Delegation of Courses from Catalogs and Common Course Numbering System
    • 6A-10.038, Postsecondary Feedback of Student Information to High Schools
    • 6A-10.0381, Registration of Adult Education Students
    • 6A-10.041, Substitution for Requirements for Eligible Disabled Students at State Universities, Community Colleges, and Postsecondary Vocational Institutions
    • 6A-10.043, Nonpublic College Participation in the Common Course Numbering and Designation System
    • Agenda Item — Articulation Cluster (PDF, 13KB)
    • 6A10 Articulation Rules (PDF, 25KB)
    • Rule 10.019 (PDF, 34KB)
    • Rule 10.02412 (PDF, 22KB)
    • Rule 10.0242 (PDF, 20KB)
    • Rule 10.033 (PDF, 24KB)
    • Rule 10.0331 (PDF, 24KB)
    • Rule 10.038 (PDF, 34KB)
    • Rule 10.0381 (PDF, 25KB)
    • Rule 10.041 (PDF, 24KB)
    • Rule 10.043 (PDF, 33KB)
  6. Approval of Repeal of Rules 6A-10.02422, Procedures for Determining the Level at Which Vocational Education Programs Shall be Offered, and 6A-10.039, Planning and Coordination of Postsecondary Education Programs
Policy Issues for Concurrence
  1. Issues Relating to Selecting a Kindergarten Screening Instrument
Shan Goff
  1. Raising the Bar: Options and Opportunities
Hanna Skandera
Requested Reports, Updates, and Discussion
  1. Reading First: Year Two Results
Mary Laura Openshaw
  1. Comprehensive Plan for Teacher Recruitment and Retention
Pam Stewart
  1. Charter School Survey and School District Responses
Virginia Gentles
  1. Educator Preparation Institutes
Judy Bilsky
  1. Succeed Florida Grant Awards
David Armstrong
  1. ePersonal Education Planner on
Connie Graunke
Concluding Remarks and Adjournment Chairman Phil Handy

Windows Media Archive of the Meeting