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F. Philip Handy, Chair
T. Willard Fair, Vice Chair
Linda J. Eads, Ed.D.
Charles P. García, J.D.
Julia L. Johnson, J.D.
William L. Proctor, Ph.D.
Linda K. Taylor

9:00 a.m., June 15, 2004
Miami Dade College
Miami, FL

Call to Order

Member Questions and Observations

Chairman Phil Handy
Chairman's Report: Chairman Phil Handy
Commissioner's Report: Commissioner Jim Horne
Paula Shea
Chancellor Debra Austin
Chancellor David Armstrong
Action Items:
  1. Approval of Policy Framework for F and FF Public Schools Including Charter Schools
  2. Approval of Plan of American Board to Comply with SB 2986
Charter School Appeal
  1. Apalachicola Bay Charter School, Inc. vs. the School Board of Franklin County
  2. Approval of Proposed Amended Community College Rules Community College Rules Proposed for Repeal
    • Rule 6A-14.004, Calendar
    • Rule 6A-14.0243, Meetings of the Boards of Trustees
    • Rule 6A-14.0247, Powers and Duties of Boards of Trustees
    • Rule 6A-14.0262, Duties and Responsibilities of the President
    • Rule 6A-14.0341, Responsibilities of Community Colleges for Vocational Education
    • Rule 6A-14.039, Drug Abuse Education
    • Rule 6A-14.0412, Annual Contracts under Certain Conditions
    • Rule 6A-14.063, Accreditation
    • Rule 6A-14.073, Expenditures
    • Rule 6A-14.0732, Travel
    • Rule 6A-14.0735, Petty Cash Fund
    • Rule 6A-14.0751, Bank Depository
    • Rule 6A-14.0752, Depository Transactions
    • Rule 6A-14.0771, Use of Auxiliary Enterprise Funds and Undesignated Gifts
    • Rule 6A-14.0772, Auxiliary Funds and Funds Received in Trust
    • Rule 6A-14.078, Delinquent Accounts
    • Rule 6H-1.017, Area Served
    • Rule 6H-1.030, Delegation of Powers and Duties
    • Rule 6H-1.041, Substitute Admission and Graduation Requirements
    • Rule 6H-1.042, Florida Academic Improvement Trust Fund for Community Colleges
    • Rule 6H-1.044, Technology Transfer Centers
    • Rule 6H-1.045, Centers of Technology Innovation

Consent Items

  1. Proposed Amendment to Rule 6A-1.0014, Comprehensive Management Information System
  2. Proposed Amendment to Rule 6A-1.094221, Alternative Standardized Reading Assessment and Use of Student Portfolio for Good Cause Promotion
  3. Proposed Amendment to Rule 6E-1.003, Definition and Terms
  4. Proposed Amendment to Rule 6E-2.004, Standards and Procedures for Licensure
  5. Proposed Amendment to Rule 6E-2.0061, Actions Against a Licensee, Penalties
  6. Proposed Amendment to Rule 6E-4.001, Fees and Expenses
  7. Adoption of A Resolution of the State Board of Education Authorizing the Issuance of Florida International University Revenue Bonds to Finance a Student Housing Complex and Support Services Facilities Project at the University Park Campus of Florida International University
  8. Approval of Advisory Council Recommendations for Funding 2004-2005 College Reach-Out Program Projects
  9. Request by Seminole Community College to Change Site Designation from Center to Campus for Oviedo in Southeast Seminole County
Commissioner Jim Horne
Concluding Remarks and Adjournment Chairman Phil Handy
Windows Media Archive of the Meeting