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F. Philip Handy, Chair
T. Willard Fair, Vice Chair
Linda J. Eads, Ed.D.
Charles P. García, J.D.
Julia L. Johnson, J.D.
William L. Proctor, Ph.D.

Nova Southeastern University
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

December 16, 2003
9:00 a.m.


  1. Opening Comments — Raymond Monteleone, Deputy Commissioner/Chief Operating and Education Financial Officer
  2. Federal Funds — The Basics — Martha K. Asbury, Staff Coordinator, Office of the Deputy Commissioner/Chief Operating and Education Financial Officer
  3. Overview of Selected Major Federal Programs — Raymond Monteleone
  4. Major Programs: How Funds Are Directed to Support the Mission


    • Mary Laura Openshaw, Director, Just Read, Florida!
    • Lisa Saavedra, Chief, Bureau of School Safety and School Support
    • Shan Goff, Deputy Chancellor for Academic Achievement, K-12 Programs
    • Ava Byrne, Chief, Bureau of Educator Recruitment and Professional Development, Educator Quality
    • Theresa Antworth, Director, State Programs, Office of Student Financial Assistance
    • Dr. Bonnie Marmor, Deputy Chancellor for Workforce Education/Division of Community Colleges
    • Dr. R.E. LeMon, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, Division of Colleges and Universities
  5. Impact of Federal Funds at the Local Level


    • Dr. Timothy Huth, Deputy Superintendent, Volusia County School District
    • Dr. Magaly Abrahante, Executive Director, Title I & Migrant Programs, Miami-Dade School District
    • Brucie Ball, Assistant Superintendent, Exceptional Student Education & Student/Career Services, Miami-Dade School District
    • James Simpson, Assistant Vice President for Workforce Development and Adult Education, Florida Community College at Jacksonville
    • Dr. Gerald Goldberger, Director of Sponsored Research, Florida Atlantic University
  6. Closing Comments

    Jim Horne, Commissioner of Education