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Florida's Sexual Health Education Community Outreach Tool Kit

The overall goals of Florida's Sexual Health Education Community Outreach Tool Kit are to:
  1. Provide community members with information, ideas, and strategies that will assist them with reducing the number of teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and improve the health and academic success of students.
  2. Educate community members about the need for effective sexual health education policies and evidence-based sexual health education programs.
  3. Inform readers about communities that have created coalitions to address sexual health issues of youth, and have changed policies and adopted a curriculum to meet the needs of their youth.
  4. Inform community members about the topic of child human trafficking, including strategies to identify those youth most at risk.

Section One of the Tool Kit contains four action steps that will guide concerned community members to engage community partners; assess school and community needs, values, resources, and policies; develop a plan of action, and measure the results of the community initiative. Tools are provided throughout the text in the form of lists, charts, and samples. Sidebars provide statements from reports and references to helpful materials, including those provided on the accompanying CD.

Section Two contains additional information and resources that can be used for each action step. In this section, more references are made to resources provided on the accompanying CD.

The CD provided with the Tool Kit contains many items that are referred to throughout the document. These include: PowerPoint presentations for use with parent and community groups, important studies and reports, assessment tools, instructional guidelines, a brochure and a recently adopted policy from a Florida school district.

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