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National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

Florida National Assessment of Educational Prgress (NAEP)

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

NAEP Contractors

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) contracts with various organizations to develop, carry out, and analyze the results of NAEP. These contractors, selected by NCES, are responsible for the core activities of NAEP, such as design, sampling, data collection, printing and scoring, analysis, and reporting. The contractors who carry out the core NAEP activities are referred to as the “NAEP Alliance.” There are other companies that just serve as NAEP contractors. NCES also awards funding to each State Education Agency to support a fulltime NAEP State Coordinator (NSC) in each state.


  • serve as the liaison between the State Education Agency and NAEP
  • review NAEP assessment items and processes as the state’s representative
  • oversee the NAEP administration in their state
  • analyze and report NAEP data
  • coordinate the use of NAEP results for policy and program planning

The current members of the NAEP Alliance (PDF, 42KB) are Westat, Educational Testing Service (ETS), Pearson Educational Measurement (Pearson), and Fulcrum IT. Although American Institutes for Research (AIR), Hager Sharp, and HumRRO are not members of the Alliance, they do serve as contractors.

NAEP Alliance Contractors


  • responsible for Sampling and Data Collection (SDC)
    • selects representative samples of schools and students
    • prepares sample weights for NAEP assessments
    • administers assessments and collects data from pilot and field tests, operational assessments, and special studies
    • ships completed assessment materials to the scoring sites
  • directs the NAEP State Service Center (NSSC)
    • develops and delivers technical and non-technical assistance and training for the NSCs and NAEP TUDA Coordinators through the NSSC
    • responds to information requests from NSCs and NTCs regarding NAEP
    • maintains a NAEP Information Center


  • serves as the Design, Analysis, and Reporting (DAR) Contractor
    • serves as the Alliance Coordination contractor
    • serves as the item development contractor
    • designs operational assessments, pilot and field tests, and special studies
    • analyzes data to ensure the reporting of valid results
    • proposes and studies psychometric and statistical analyses compatible with previous NAEP methodologies
    • determines the data needed to meet the goals for reporting
    • prepares national and selected state NAEP reports
    • provides the tools NSCs use to analyze NAEP data and prepare state reports

Pearson Educational Measurement (Pearson):

  • responsible for Material Preparation, Distribution, and Scoring (MDS)
    • prepares and packages the assessment and auxiliary materials
    • distributes assessment booklets and materials to the test administrators for each school
    • develops training and scoring materials
    • scores all assessments

Fulcrum IT

  • responsible for Web Operations and Maintenance (WOM)
    • acquires, develops, implements, and supports Internet-related applications and services for NAEP and NAEP contractors
    • identifies and deploys emerging technologies and new products to improve NAEP's offerings
    • ensures timely services and release of quality products using web technologies
    • oversees the public NAEP website, hosts the NAEP Network website, and develops and hosts an information management system for NAEP contractors
    • supports and provides access to web-based analysis tools that NSCs use to prepare state-specific analyses and reports
    • designs and maintains systems for computer-based assessments

NAEP Contractors

American Institutes for Research (AIR):

  • serves as Item Developer (ID) in conjunction with ETS
    • develops NAEP background variables, cognitive items, and scoring rubrics
    • assists in scoring and training of scorers
    • conducts small-scale pilot tests of the items and rubrics
    • participates in reviews of items
  • performs the duties of State Analysis (SA)
    • monitors academic progress and the performance trends of states and their identified subgroups
    • portrays patterns of achievement gaps between the subgroups on NAEP state assessments
    • explains the NAEP state results
    • identifies patterns of performance that could affect NAEP assessments in states/jurisdictions

Hager Sharp:

  • responsible for Publications, Dissemination, and Outreach Support
    • creates products to promote public awareness of NAEP and to facilitate the administration of NAEP
    • designs and produces a booth to display materials and showcase NAEP
    • provides staffing of booths for two major conferences per year
    • creates development and dissemination plans for NAEP reports, special studies, and secondary analysis grants
    • issues press releases, handles data release events, and maintains relationships with the press
    • provides support on the NAEP State Service Center, State Coordinator, and Sampling and Data Collection contracts

Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO):

  • handles NAEP Quality Assurance (QA)
    • monitors overall quality assurance amongst all NAEP contractors
    • monitors and identifies potential technical and operational errors


The NAEP contact for the state of Florida is Michele Sonnenfeld. She can be contacted by email at or by telephone at 850-245-0513.