The Florida Music Assessment

Tim Brophy

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  1. The Florida Music Assessment 2007 Elementary Phase I Field Test Report
  2. Order of Presentation
  3. The Florida Music Assessment
  4. The Florida Music Assessment (continued)
  5. Summary of Score for Form A
  6. Summary of Score for Form B
  7. Summary of Score for Form C
  8. Summary of Score for Form D
  9. Score Data – All Forms
  10. Amount and Frequency of Music Instruction in the Sample Schools (N = 106)
  11. Gender/Ethnic Group Score Data
  12. Correlation of School Scores and Frequency of Music Instruction, Amount of Music Instruction, School Community Classification, and Type of Classroom Setup (N = 106)
  13. Correlation of 2007 FMA Raw Scores, FCAT Reading, Math, and Writing School Scores (N = 106)
  14. Test Evaluation
  15. Item Analysis – Common Items
  16. James Perry Executive Director, FMEA

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