Presentation about ECE Clearinghouse

Roberta Dilocker

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  1. ECE Clearinghouse Assessment & Accountability Annual Meeting September 5, 2007
  2. Purpose of ECE Clearinghouse
  3. District and Consortia Access to ECE Clearinghouse
  4. District Exam Downloads (8/25/07)
  5. District Exam Downloads (8/25/07) (continued)
  6. ECE Clearinghouse Exam Usage Survey
  7. Responding Districts
  8. Number of Students Tested
  9. Number of Students Tested (continued)
  10. Test Usage
  11. Exam Modifications
  12. Moderate to Extensive Use
  13. ECE Clearinghouse Holdings
  14. ECE Clearinghouse Holdings (continued)
  15. Course Gap Analysis
  16. Course Gap Analysis (continued)
  17. Course Gap Analysis (continued)
  18. Course Gap Analysis (continued)
  19. Advisory Committee
  20. Gap Analysis Process
  21. ECE Clearinghouse Information
  22. Informative Image of Hillsborough County School District's home page
  23. Informative Image: Image of the ECE Clearinghouse page on Hillsborough County School District's website

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