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High School Competency Test (HSCT)

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Use of Mathematics Results

The HSCT mathematics section measures students' competence in 10 mathematics skills. Students have to demonstrate an understanding of fundamental mathematics concepts in problem solving using various arithmetic operations, basic algebraic and geometric principles, and basic probability, Students were provided calculators to use on the test. However, the numbers in the mathematics problems were chosen so that the problems could be worked easily without a calculator.

The mathematics section is more difficult than the communications section for most students to pass. Statewide, 77% of the 11th grade students passed on the mathematics section, one percent fewer than in October 1994. Performance on each of the ten skills that comprise the mathematics section was, on average, lower than for the communications section, with students missing between one and two questions for each of the skills. The most difficult skills were skills 1, 4, and 10, which involve solving problems using a variety of strategies, measurements, and ratios and proportions. 

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