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Florida Writing Assessment Program (FLORIDA WRITES!)

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Florida's Direct Writing Assessment

Florida's direct writing assessment can best be described as demand writing. Demand writing assessments are completed within a designated time period (e.g., 45 minutes) and involve the scoring of student responses to assigned topics. This kind of assessment has been used in classrooms (e.g., essay questions on a social studies test), in several large-scale assessments (e.g., National Assessment of Educational Progress [NAEP], the Scholastic Aptitude Test [SAT], and the American College Testing Program [ACT]), and by many employers during the job interview process. For a statewide assessment, demand writing involves limited preparation time for students and teachers and less time and money to score than project or portfolio assessments.

The Florida Writing Assessment Program has adopted demand writing as an efficient and effective method of assessing Florida's eighth graders. For this program, students are expected to produce within a 45-minute time period a focused, organized, supported draft in response to an assigned topic.

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