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Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE)

FTCE/FELE Questions?

To register or to obtain specific information, visit or call FTCE/FELE Customer Service toll-free at 866-613-3281 8 a.m.6 p.m., Mon. Fri., excluding holidays. (The Automated Information System is available by phone 24 hours daily.)

Official Score Reports

Official score reports will be provided on the score report dates; see the schedule on the FTCE/FELE contractor website.

If you do not receive your score report, or the score report you receive contains incomplete or erroneous information, contact FTCE/FELE Customer Service at 413-256-2893 within 60 calendar days after the dates listed in "Test Dates." A replacement or a new, corrected score report will be sent to you at no charge. If you fail to notify FTCE/FELE Customer Service within the 60-day period, you will be required to pay $10 for a new score report.

A copy of your score report will be sent directly to the school district, college, or university you indicated if you designated a recipient during registration.

Your passing scores will be submitted electronically to the Bureau of Educator Certification automatically; however, for any tests taken before July 1, 2002, you will need to provide an official score report to the Bureau if you have not already provided one.

Duplicate Score Reports

You may obtain duplicate score reports as follows:
  • Use the duplicate score report request form available to download as a PDF document on the FTCE/FELE contractor website by selecting "Print Bulletin and Forms." Fill it out and send it with the correct payment to the address indicated on the form.

Enclose a personal check, money order, or cashier's check for $10.00 made payable to Evaluation Systems. Be sure your current address and telephone number appear on the check or money order.

Two identical official duplicate score reports will be mailed to you within 10 days after your complete order with payment is received. If you did not order score reports sent directly to districts or colleges when you registered and discover that you need them later, you will need to order and pay for the score reports and provide them to the institutions yourself.

If you do not receive the duplicate score report you ordered, or if it is incomplete or has an error, report this promptly to FTCE/FELE Customer Service at 413-256-2893. It will be mailed again, or if it is determined that it needs to be corrected, you will be sent a new score report. If you delay notification beyond 60 calendar days after the score report is sent, or if the error on the report is due to incorrect information sent by you, you may be required to pay another $10 for the corrected score report.