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Welcome to the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) intro page. This page will give you a general overview of what steps examinees need to take before registering for the examinations and descriptions of the main tests that comprise the FTCE, with important information pertaining to taking Essay tests.

Before You Register for the FTCE

Prior to registering for any of the FTCE, you should first check the list of actions below and select the one that applies to your particular situation.

  • If you're not on file, you must submit an application for certification to the Florida Department of Education's Bureau of Educator Certification. See below for additional information regarding the Bureau of Educator Certification.

  • If you're already on file, check with the Bureau for individual testing requirements.

  • If you're currently a student, consult your college advisor about testing requirements.

  • If you're a nondegreed vocational candidate, contact your local school district for certification requirements for your field.

Florida law requires that teachers demonstrate mastery of basic skills, professional knowledge , and content area of specialization . Testing requirements for teacher candidates seeking certification are described in Section 1012.56, Florida Statutes (FS), and in 6A-4.0021 Florida Administrative Code (FAC).

Bureau of Educator Certification

The Bureau of Educator Certification at the Department of Education in Tallahassee determines individualized testing requirements for certification. If you have a certification application on file, the Bureau will inform you of your individual testing requirements. The Bureau advises that teacher candidates should submit an application for certification before applying o take certification examinations. To apply for certification online, visit the Bureau's Web site at

After your application for certification is on file, the Bureau will issue you an Official Statement of Status of Eligibility. This statement will indicate your individualized testing requirements. For any questions regarding your certification application, you may contact the Bureau by phone at 800-445-6739 or via the Web at

Description of the FTCE Tests

The FTCE is composed of three tests: Professional Education, General Knowledge, and Subject Area Exams. Depending upon your background, you may need to take one, two, or three of the tests.

Test PEd:Professional Education - Candidates applying for a Professional Certificate may need to take the Professional Education Test. See your Official Statement of Status of Eligibility.

The PEd test is usually given in the afternoon and requires most of the afternoon, with arrival at 1:00 P.M. The actual testing time is 2-1/2 hours. It is a test of pedagogy and professional practices. Examinees often combine taking an FTCE subject area examination in the morning and the PEd test in the afternoon on the same test date. In some cases, when combined with certain tests such as French K-12, the PEd test is given in the morning and the language test in the afternoon. Check your admission ticket carefully.

Test SAE: Subject Area Exam - These are exams for degreed academic and some vocational subject areas. These exams measure content area knowledge, usually in a multiple-choice format. English 6-12, Middle Grades English 5-9, French K-12, German K-12, and Spanish K-12 also require an essay. Spanish K-12 and French K-12 are administered in a language lab, and German K-12 has an interview. Speech 6-12 has a videotaped portion. Candidates applying for a Professional Certificate and those adding a subject area to a Professional Certificate must pass a subject area exam in the field(s) in which they seek certification.

SAEs are generally given in the morning, with arrival at 8:30 A.M. and departure at about noon. Actual testing time is 2-1/2 hours, except in the case of Elementary Education K-6. The Elementary Education K-6 subject area examination requires all morning and most of the afternoon, with a lunch break in between. It is the only FTCE subject area examination that cannot be combined with the Professional Education Test on the same test date.

General Knowledge Test (GK) - The GK test consists of four subtests:

  • Essay - 50 minutes

  • English Language Skills (ELS) - 40 minutes

  • Reading - 40 minutes

  • Mathematics - 100 minutes

Taking the entire test, including time for the administration of the test, requires arrival at 8:00 A.M. and departure at about 1:15 P.M. Subtests may be registered for and taken separately, if desired. No other test may be taken that day. EXCEPTION: An examinee who registers to take ONLY the Essay subtest in the morning may combine that subtest with the Professional Education test in the afternoon.

NOTE: An examinee who took and passed all or part of the College-Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST) in Florida before July 1, 2002, may use the parts passed on the CLAST toward certification. For any parts not passed by that date, corresponding subtests of the General Knowledge test are required.

Important Information About Taking an Essay Test

The General Knowledge Essay subtest and several other tests require the writing of an essay. The essay must be an original essay, composed and organized when you select the essay topic. The intent of the essay test component is to show that you can, in the time allotted, compose and write an original essay that completely addresses the topic in an effective, well-organized manner, with good grammar and spelling, as described in the rubric in the Department's Test Preparation Guide for the test requiring an essay. An examinee who memorizes an essay from another source and presents it during a test administration as an original essay is not demonstrating that he or she can compose and write an acceptable essay. Presenting such a pre-prepared essay at a test administration is considered cheating. If an essay is identified by the essay raters as being pre-prepared, the essay and all tests taken that day by the examinee will be invalidated, and no scores will be received. In addition, the incident will be reported to the Department's Bureau of Professional Practices Services.

Important Information About Taking an Essay Test

If you are writing an essay, you must stop writing immediately when time is called. You are not permitted to go back later and add anything to the essay. For multiple-choice questions, you are not permitted to complete or change any answers after time has been called. Violation of these directions is considered cheating and may result in invalidation of test scores for tests taken during that test administration. In addition, the incident will be reported to the Department's Bureau of Professional Practices Services.

For the latest information regarding test registration,pass/fail status, viewing and downloading the registration bulletin, and information on computer-based testing, please visit the FTCE/FELE Program Web site.

For all phone inquiries, please contact the FTCE/FELE office at 413-256-2893, to speak to a customer service representative press option 9.

Or write to

National Evaluation Systems
P.O. Box 660
Amherst, MA 01004-9018