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Performance on Common Placement Tests

Florida's Public High School Graduates

The purpose of this website is to provide districts and schools with information about their graduates' performance on entry-level placement assessments at Florida's community colleges and state universities. Performance on these assessments is one of many indicators of a student's preparedness for college-level coursework. The CPT, SAT-I, and ACT are the assessments used to place students in English and Math courses at colleges and universities in Florida. Students who test below the cutoff score for an area are required to enroll in remedial coursework.

These reports include performance information for students who graduated from a public high school in Florida and attended a public college or university in Florida during the academic year immediately following high school graduation. Students who did not go to college or who attended private or out-of-state colleges are not included in these reports.

Beginning with the PCPT 2004 graduate cohort, data quality improvements now reflect studentsí best test scores instead of first test scores and first date of postsecondary admission. These revisions provide a more accurate representation of college readiness.

Remedial Cutoff Scores
Elementary Algebra72
Sentence Skills83
English 17