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Standing Committee on Postsecondary Transition


The purpose of the Standing Committee on K-12 to Postsecondary Transition is to review and make recommendations to the ACC pertaining to college and career readiness and the utilization of acceleration mechanisms, including credit-by-examination and dual enrollment.

Primary Activities

The primary activities of the Standing Committee on K-12 to Postsecondary Transition are:
  1. Identify barriers and recommend solutions to enhance seamless student progression from high school to postsecondary education and the workforce.
  2. Provide input on activities that promote cross-sector support of college readiness.
  3. Provide feedback on the usefulness and improvement of data tools such as the Performance on Common Placement Tests Report and the High School Feedback Report.
  4. Develop recommended guidelines for participation in acceleration mechanisms.
  5. Promote activities that support student involvement and success in accelerated coursework.
  6. Develop and refine a statewide template for interinstitutional articulation agreements.
  7. Review proposals and recommend action for interinstitutional articulation agreements for programs with statewide appeal.
  8. Provide input on advising tools to assist counselors in guiding dual enrollment participants.
  9. Identify issues to be addressed in technical assistance communications and workshops