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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act


  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act  

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Strong District Work Plan Tables

While there is always room for improvement, we have identified several strong district Work Plan Tables that might assist you as you address the Department’s feedback.

Section A

  1. Expand Lesson Study – (B)(3)1.
  2. Expand STEM Career and Technical Program Offerings – (B)(3)4.
  3. Increase Advanced STEM Coursework – (B)(3)5.
  4. Bolster Technology for Improved Instruction and Assessment – (B)(3)6.
  5. Improve Access to State Data – (C)(2)
  6. Use Data to Improve Instruction – (C)(3)(i) and (iii)
  7. Provide Support for Educator Preparation Programs – (D)(1)(ii)
  8. Improve Teacher and Principal Evaluation Systems – (D)(2)(ii)-(iii)
  9. Use Data Effectively for Human Capital Decisions – (D)(2)(iv)(b)(c)(d), (D)(3), and (E)(2)4.-5.
  10. Focus Effective Professional Development – (D)(5), (B)(3)2.-3., (C)(3)(ii), (D)(2)(iv)(a) and (D)(3)(ii)2.
  11. Drive Improvement in Persistently Low-Achieving Schools – (E)(2)1.-2.
  12. Implement Proven Programs for School Improvement – (E)(2)3.
  13. Include Charter Schools in LEA Planning – (F)(2)