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Race to the Top Grant

Year 4 LEA Guidance

Community of Practice

Topic: Student Assessment and Teacher Evaluation: Beyond State Assessments

Year 2 Progress Report

A second year progress report on Florida's Race to the Top - January 2013 (PDF, 2MB)

Implementation Update Webinars

The Florida Department of Education hosted two webinars in September 2012 to update stakeholders on the state-level Race to the Top projects.

Topics: Standards and Assessments, Turning Around the Lowest-Achieving Schools, Charter Schools, New LEA Deliverable Submission Process
State-level Projects Materials (PDF, 410KB)
September 13 Recording (WMV, 770MB)
September 13 Transcript (PDF, 134KB)

Topics: Great Teachers and Leaders, Single Sign-on, Local Instructional Improvement Systems, New LEA Deliverable Submission Process
State-level Projects Materials (PDF, 399KB)
September 14 Recording (WMV, 710MB)
September 14 Transcript (PDF, 138KB)

Postsecondary Text Demand Study

Updates from Implementation Committees

The Florida Department of Education (DOE) announced the launch of Education 360, a new video series hosted by DOE’s Teacher Liaison Kelly Seay, which provides quick snapshots about important education reform efforts currently underway in the Sunshine State.

Implementation Technical Assistance

LEA Scope of Work and Budget

Receive E-Mail Updates About Race To the Top

The Department has created a subscription form to keep you informed of the latest updates regarding the Race to the Top process. To receive notice each time the website is updated, please visit the link below to subscribe.

Contacts by Race to the Top Topic

  • General:
  • Common Core State Standards: (LEA Project 1)
  • STEM: (LEA Projects 2-3)
  • Interim/District-Developed Assessments:
  • Computer-Based Testing Readiness: (LEA Project 4)
  • Single Sign-on: (LEA Project 5)
  • Local Instructional Improvement Systems: (LEA Project 6)
  • Teacher and Principal Evaluation: (LEA Projects 7-10)
  • Teacher and Leader Preparation:
  • Struggling Schools: (LEA Projects 11-12)
  • Charter Schools: (LEA Project 13)

Phase 2 Application and Memorandum of Understanding