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Archive FSIR Data, 1996-97 through 2006-07

Archive Data
State Data District Data School Data
2006-07 State Data (Excel, 24KB) 2006-07 District Data (Excel, 154KB) 2006-07 School Data (Excel, 3MB)
1996-97 to 2005-06 State Data (Excel, 66KB) 2005-06 District Data (Excel, 2MB) 2005-06 School Data (Excel, 3MB)
  2004-05 District Data (Excel, 2MB) 2004-05 School Data (Excel, 3MB)
  2003-04 District Data (Excel, 2MB) 2003-04 School Data (Excel, 3MB)
  2002-03 District Data (Excel, 158KB) 2002-03 School Data (Excel, 2MB)
  2001-02 District Data (Excel, 172KB) 2001-02 School Data (Excel, 3MB)
  2000-01 District Data (Excel, 206KB) 2000-01 School Data (Excel, 2MB)
  1999-00 District Data (Excel, 244KB) 1999-00 School Data (Excel, 2MB)
  1998-99 District Data (Excel, 148KB) 1998-99 School Data (Excel, 2MB)
  1997-98 District Data (Excel, 112KB) 1997-98 School Data (Excel, 1MB)
  1996-97 District Data (Excel, 100KB) 1996-97 School Data (Excel, 1MB)

NOTE: The 4-year cohort graduation rate was implemented in 1998-99. Cohort graduation data prior to 1998-99 is not available.


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