Norm-Referenced Tests

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The Florida Department of Education collected data on the norm-referenced tests administered by Florida School districts during 1995 and 1997 for grades 4 and 8. The local districts use a variety of nationally normed tests which vary somewhat in content. The tests are not interchangeable and the norms are not exactly equivalent, so comparisons between districts must be considered with caution. For more information about a test used in a specific school district, please contact the district testing coordinator for that district.

The list below provides the names and abbreviations for the tests used:

CAT A California Achievement Test Form A
CAT E/F California Achievement Test Forms E & F
CTB A/B Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills Forms A and B
CTB U/V Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills Forms U and V
ITB K Iowa Test of Basic Skills Form K
NAT 3 Comprehensive Assessment Program
  National Achievement Test Form 3
STA E/F Stanford Achievement Test Forms E and F
STA J/K/L Stanford Achievement Test Forms J,K & L

Each report contains the following information for the reading and mathematics subtests:

  1. The number of students who were administered the test.
  2. The median national percentile rank (NPR) which reveals how a student's performance compares to other students in the national norm group. The NPR values range from 1 to 99. An NPR of 50 means that the student scored the same as or better than 50% of the students in the nation.
  3. The percent of students with an NPR from 1-25 and the percent with an NPR from 76-99. In the national norm group, there will be 25% of the students in each NPR group.