Literacy in the Content Areas Toolkits

The Literacy in the Content Areas Toolkit for 6-12 Educators is a resource for teachers. The toolkit contains a collection of vetted resources and interactive tools provided by CPALMS to help educators effectively implement their course standards. CPALMS, the state of Florida’s official source for standards information and course descriptions, offers grade-level resources which contain the following:

  • The ELA standard and site link which provide a description of the standard and the CPALMS resources directly related to the standard.

  • Lesson Plans that align to each standard.

  • Access Points that provide the expectations for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

  • Teaching Ideas/Parent Resources/Worksheets links to additional lesson plans and resources that align to the standard.

  • Original Student Tutorials and Accessible versions of the tutorials in PDF Format are available for some of the standards. These interactive tutorials are designed to provide instruction, practice and feedback in the ELA standards.

  • Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) Writing Professional Development Modules link directs you to the Just Read, Florida! website that contains videos along with facilitator and participant guides that are available to use in your districts and schools during planning time or Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to gain deeper understanding of the Florida Standards, FSA Writing rubrics and ways to help students develop as proficient writers.

Questions for Teachers Use by Standard

The following questions are intended to support the teaching and learning of the literacy standards in science and technical subject content areas. The questions are listed by literacy standard and grade band. They have been created to assist in teaching the entire standard. Each question specifically correlates to verbiage in the standard to meet the depth of the standard. These questions are not meant as a primary tool for instruction, but as a supplement.