K-2 Resources: Listening & Speaking

Building Language Skills

Kids learn best when they are actively experiencing, creating, enjoying and thinking in a positive learning environment. To maximize learning and build vocabulary, it’s important for parents to incorporate a lot of conversation or dialogue into everyday experiences. Speaking and listening are foundational skills for reading comprehension and writing. So talk it up to improve oral language skills!

Talk It Up

The dinner table, stuck in traffic, waiting for the bus--anywhere is a great place to carry on a conversation. To encourage dialogue, ask a leading question such as, “What do you think of ...?” or “Why do you think that happened?” Avoid questions that require a yes or no answer. Encourage elaboration!

I’m All Ears

These activities encourage understanding of the sounds that make up words in our English language. Understanding sounds, letters, syllables and words is essential to becoming a great reader. Understanding what you hear is fundamental!