Instructional Materials

Catalog of State Adopted Instructional Materials

The Catalog of State Adopted Instructional Materials is updated annually following the adoption of new materials usually in January. However, the newly adopted materials do not go on contract until April 1 of each year. The catalog is transitioning from PDF to a searchable catalog. Currently, Social Studies, Drama, Journalism, and Speech & Debate are the only subject areas not included in the searchable catalog. Use the links below to access the catalog:

When you select a title in the searchable catalog, you can view the following:

  • Committee Questionnaire – completed by the State Instructional Materials Committee and includes ratings and comments
  • Publisher’s Questionnaire – completed by the publisher and describes the program, including the professional development included
  • Contracted Items – includes prices, free with order information for all program components and contract period
  • Publisher Contact Information - includes up-to-date information as provided by the publisher for regional managers, sales representatives, and the publisher’s Florida depository