Students to be Tested

All students enrolled in the district (grades K-12) and classified ELL, with a code of "LY" or "LP", must be administered the CELLA. In addition, all students who are coded "LF" on or after the 11th school day of the current school year must be administered the CELLA.

The definitions for the ELL codes are below:

  • LY - The student is an English Language Learner and is enrolled in classes specifically designed for English Language Learners.
  • LP - The student is in grade 3-12, tested fully English proficient on an aural/oral test and is an English Language Learner pending the Reading and Writing assessment, or the student is in grade K-12, answered "yes" on the Home Language Survey question "Is a language other than English spoken in the home?" and is waiting for aural/oral assessment.

  • LF - The student is being followed up for a two-year period after having exited the ESOL program.