Common Placement Testing and Preparatory Instruction for High School Students

Senate Bill 1908, passed by the 2008 Florida Legislature, included revisions to section 1008.30, Florida Statutes, relating to common placement testing for postsecondary education and extending opportunities for preparatory instruction to high school seniors. Specifically, this legislation requires cross-sector (secondary/postsecondary) cooperative efforts to expand the college/career readiness testing of 11th grade students and collaborative efforts to make postsecondary preparatory instruction available to 12th grade students who demonstrate a need for additional preparation. Important goals of this law are to: 1) increase the number and percentage of students who graduate from high school "college and career ready;" 2) better communicate to 11th grade students and their parents the requirements and opportunities for enrollment in college credit courses without a need for developmental education; and 3) to provide students whose test scores in Reading, Writing and/or Mathematics indicate any knowledge gaps an opportunity to attain needed competencies in 12th grade prior to high school graduation. This legislation is helping to graduate better prepared students, increase access to postsecondary opportunities, enhance career success, and promote student retention and completion in college.

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