Podcasts: Helping Your Students Chart Their Future

Middle school students need to know much more about two very important things if they are to join us as successful adults in the future: They need to know what the world has to offer them and they need to know what they have to offer the world.

Each of the following podcasts let’s you listen in as some of Florida’s best counselors, career teachers, and department experts share their experience and wisdom in helping young people explore themselves and their futures using CHOICES, Florida’s Web-based tool for thinking about the future.

Helping Students Learn About Themselves

Before students can begin to make plans for courses they’ll take, they need to gather information on themselves.

Turning Clicks into Something Meaningful

CHOICES, our state’s career information system, is all about getting students to “start thinking about things.” It’s about getting them to “click” away while we help them turn those clicks into future plans.

It’s All about Conversations

Getting students to really think about their future takes a question-by-question approach – the kind of approach that CHOICES and really good teachers and counselors take.

Everybody has a Future

To prevent a student’s future from “just happening,” using CHOICES will provide education and career information.

Try to Help Students Find Their Niche

Helping students ask the right questions as they think about their future is very important. CHOICES is a great question generator. It helps students become owners of their future.

We Show Them Options

The Career Clusters in CHOICES are really about showing all the future options available to students.

I’m Going to be a Welder

A student illustrates how much thought he has put into the option he has chosen for his future career.

With CHOICES, There are 300 of ME

CHOICES is like having one counselor for every student in helping gain information and make connections with things beyond the present moment.

Brought to you by the Florida Department of Education.

  • Ed Janus - Narrator
  • James Hawkins - Teacher
  • Arecia Shelton - Counselor
  • Kathy Trapp - Counselor
  • Heather Conley - Department of Education
  • Patrick Wright - Department of Education
  • Cathy - Student
  • Cody - Student
  • Courtney - Student
  • David - Student
  • McKenzie - Student
  • Trey - Student