Module D: Goal Setting & Decision-Making

Middle school students need an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to help them make appropriate decisions, have the confidence to take risks, and be flexible and adaptable when faced with change and life transitions. They also need to establish good work and study habits, to manage their time wisely, and to be able to set short and long range educational and career goals. This module provides students with an opportunity to be aware of and to develop these various skills. In the process, students gain a greater sense of self-reliance and empowerment in their own lives. Students will learn the steps to making career decisions and outline the steps that they will follow in the process. They will learn the importance of goal setting and begin to set some short and long term goals. The estimated number of class periods needed to cover the activities in both lesson plans would be three class periods.

Lesson Plans

12. Informed Decision Making (PDF)

13. Short & Long-Term Goal Setting (PDF)


  • Long-term Goal – something you want to achieve in the future
  • Short-term Goal – something you might do right away
  • Glossary in PDF format (PDF)