Module C: Exploring Careers

This module acquaints students with a variety of occupations and how to access and use various sources of occupation information. It provides students with an opportunity to explore occupations that interest them, to examine various aspects of work that relate to personal satisfaction, and to become aware of the meaning and importance of lifestyle and leisure in relationship to an occupation. This module also helps students develop the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate career information and work values and to anticipate and adjust to life career transitions.

In addition to MyCareerShines, there are a variety of resources that are in print, video, and on the Internet that students should learn about. The U.S. Bureau of Labor states that a person will change jobs 9-10 times by the age of 34. No matter what circumstances result in a job change, individuals need to know how to use a variety of resources for searching for a job and/or changing jobs.

Students will also benefit from businesses giving presentations on job opportunities and what they expect from their employees. Career fairs, job shadowing, and field trips will enhance the career exploration experience for students. The estimated number of class periods needed to cover the activities in all four lesson plans would be ten class periods.

Lesson Plans

8. Where to Find Career Information (PDF)

9. Job Shadowing (PDF)

10. Exploring Careers in High Demand Industries (PDF)

11. Exploring High Tech Careers (PDF)

Related Resources


  • MyCareerShines– the state career information delivery system available at no charge -
  • Job Shadowing - Involves following someone (usually a day) on the job to learn what is involved in a typical day’s work.
  • Transferable skills - skills that can be used in a variety of jobs or occupations.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook – a publication detailing hundreds of occupations including job duties, working conditions, training and educational requirements, earnings, and job prospects.
  • Glossary in PDF format (PDF)