The Greening of Registered Apprenticeship in Florida

Florida’s apprenticeship programs continue to make curriculum changes to incorporate green/sustainable resource technology into their training. Our office conducted quarterly workshops aimed at bringing together apprenticeship sponsors, industry and other partners to discuss and plan the adaptation of the apprenticeship model to fit green technology training needs. Your ideas and training models were shared with programs around the state in subsequent workshops and via the Department’s website.

The reports from our June 10 Workshop in Orange Park (PDF, 90KB), September 23 Workshop in Miami Lakes (PDF, 51KB), December 9 Workshop in Orlando (PDF, 143KB), March 17, 2011 Workshop in Stuart (PDF, 49KB) and June 9, 2011 Workshop in Pompano Beach (PDF, 56KB) are also available for review.

The final report for the Greening of Apprenticeship (PDF, 76KB) is also available to review on this website.

All workshops were moderated by Mr. Pat McLaughlin, President of McLaughlin Management Associates, Inc.

The results of surveys of our program sponsors and other important information about the "Greening of Registered Apprenticeship" may be viewed by visiting the links below.

The national report on the Greening of Registered Apprenticeship is available for download [after registering for a free Workforce One account] at the following website:

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