Digital Classrooms Program (DCP) Plans & Allocation

As required by The State of Florida Statutes, section 1011.62(12)(b) each school Board shall submit to the department a Digital Classrooms Plan (DCP) that has been adopted by the district school board. The district plan shall meet the unique needs of students, schools and personnel in the district. A District Classrooms Program allocation has been established to assist districts in this effort.

The Digital Classrooms Program outlined in statute includes five main component areas:

  1. Student Performance Outcomes
  2. Digital Learning and Technology Infrastructure
  3. Professional Development
  4. Digital Tools
  5. Online Assessment Support

Please Note: The Digital Classrooms Plan allocation must be spent according to the district school board approved plan. However, there is not a specific due date for spending the funds; the funds may be carried forward to the next fiscal year if required. Any substantial changes to the previously submitted and approved Digital Classrooms Plan will need to be approved by your district school board and resubmitted. If the change is minor in scope, please email us a revised copy of your digital classrooms plan and we will post it onto our website.

DCP (5 Year Plan)

During the 2014 Florida Legislative Session, Section 1001.20, Florida Statutes, was updated to require the Florida Department of Education to develop a five-year digital classrooms plan to assist districts in establishing Florida Digital Classrooms. FDOE Digital Classrooms Plan (PDF)

2016-2017 District DCP Allocation

2016-2017 Charter DCP

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