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Industry Certification

Industry certifications earned through secondary and postsecondary career and technical education programs and courses are an important component of Florida's public education system. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) defines industry certification as follows:

A voluntary process, through which individuals are assessed by an independent, third-party certifying entity using predetermined standards for knowledge, skills and competencies, resulting in the award of a time-limited credential that is nationally recognized and applicable to an occupation that is included in the workforce system's targeted occupation list or determined to be an occupation that is critical, emerging or addresses a local need.

Resources are available to provide information to stakeholders on industry certifications.

The Role of Industry Certification and Florida's Career and Professional Education Act (CAPE)

Industry certifications are the central component of the implementation of the Florida Career ad Professional Act. In 2007 the Florida Legislature passed the Career and Professional Education Act. The purpose of the Act was to provide a statewide planning partnership between the business and education communities in order to attract, expand, and retain targeted, high-value industry and to sustain a strong, knowledge-based economy. While originally focused on industry certification attainment by secondary students, the 2013 Legislature expanded to include industry certification attainment by postsecondary students. Resources regarding the CAPE Act can be found on the following website:

The Role of Industry Certifications and Florida's School Grading System

Industry certifications earned by secondary students are included in the high school and middle school grading formula. Information regarding the school grades formula, can be found at :

If you have questions regarding school grades, please submit information here:

Industry Certification Descriptions

An informational site is available for basic information on industry certifications that have been identified by the Department of Education. This site can be found here:

Industry Certification Statewide Articulation Agreements

Gold Standard Industry Certification Articulation Agreements (Gold Standard Agreements) are maintained by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) as a means for students to receive college credit for successfully earning a nationally recognized industry certification* that is aligned with an associate in applied science or associate (AAS) in science (AS) degree. The intent is to guarantee the award of a minimum number of college credits for students entering the AAS or AS for which the Gold Standard Agreement is approved.

To access information on statewide articulation agreements, go to the following site:


For questions regarding CAPE Act or industry certification information, please contact Tara Goodman or Sean Friend at 850-245-9001 or by emailing .

For questions regarding the industry certification and school grades, please contact the Division of Accountability, Research, and Assessment at 850-245-0437.

For questions regarding statewide articulation agreements, please contact Kathleen Taylor at 850-245-9062 or .