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Students Support School's Technology Through Hands-on Course

Sarasota County Schools

Pine View students Thomas Pring, 18, left, and Henry Gordon, 16, were sent to a second-grade classroom in November to fix a few laptops that were not starting up at Pine View School in Osprey.
Photo Credit: Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Installing software, updating computers, and ensuring school technology runs smoothly are just part of a normal day for the 15 students enrolled in Pine View School's technology support class. As part of the course, students update and maintain the school's technology inventory, including more than 1,000 laptops and desktops, more than 150 digital cameras and scanners, and 124 smart boards.

Even teachers ask for help from these talented students when their classroom's technology fails or needs maintenance. Each week they respond to about 300 calls and receive customer-service and problem-solving training. The course is a win-win for students looking to employ their skills and school staff members needing an on-campus geek squad.

These future computer science and engineering majors enjoy helping others, while exploring a STEM-focused, hands-on education. And, they give other Pine View students access to up-to-date, engaging technology.

Pine View is a special program designed to meet the unique needs of intellectually gifted students Sarasota County. To read the Sarasota Herald-Tribune's article about these exceptional students, visit "A school where students are the computer techs."