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Pinellas County Student with Autism Saves Teacher's Life

Pinellas County Schools

Fifth grader Mike Dupuis and special student education associate Audrey McCaulsky.

Mike Dupuis, a fifth-grade student at New Heights Elementary School, recently saved the life of exceptional student education associate Audrey McCaulsky. While having breakfast in the school's cafeteria, Mike noticed Ms. McCaulsky was showing signs of a diabetic attack, including confusion.

Mike, who was diagnosed with autism, reacted quickly giving Ms. McCaulsky a cup of orange juice and alerting an adult to help. According to the Pinellas County School District, paramedics checked Ms. McCaulsky's blood sugar levels and they were dangerously low. When someone's blood sugar drops below 50, there can be progressive loss of mental function and eventually unconsciousness.

Thankfully for Ms. McCaulsky, Mike noticed her symptoms and jumped into action. "Mike's quick-thinking and calm reaction saved Ms. McCaulsky," said Cheryl Collette, Mike's teacher.