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Lockheed Martin Engineers Share Real-World Applications with Students

Palm Beach County Schools

Lockheed Martin Engineers Share Real-World Applications with Students

In celebration of National Engineering Week, engineers from Lockheed Martin visited with more than 200 pre-engineering magnet program students at Roosevelt Middle School in West Palm Beach. Participating engineers spent several hours at the school, presenting information on engineering and engaging students through hands-on activities.

Once students were divided into small work groups, the engineers assigned a series of building activities. One activity required groups to build a six-inch tall tower that would support at least one can of tuna. Given only toothpicks and Dots candies, magnet program students brainstormed ideas, agreed on a concept, and constructed towers of all shapes and sizes.

"We learned real-world applications for engineering," said sixth grader John-Mark Phillips. "We also learned that teamwork is very important when putting something together."

During the day, Lockheed Martin engineers played a video of what they are currently working on at the Riviera Beach office. Participating engineers also shared their backgrounds, why they became engineers, what they do on a daily basis, and even entertained questions from the middle school students.