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Love It, Like It, or Dislike It? Third Annual Student Food Tasting

Hillsborough County Public Schools

Student tasting

The Hillsborough County Public Schools Student Nutrition Services Department is hosted their third annual Fresh Flavors - Foods for Body and Mind Expo from 10 a.m. to noon on Tuesday, June 26, in the Spoto High School dining room.

Approximately 200 students from around the district had the opportunity to taste and rate new menu concepts for the 2012-2013 school year menu. A total of 27 new concepts were tested, including sweet potato salad, spinach lasagna, and grilled chicken dijon wraps. Students rated each item on a scale of Love It, Like It, or Dislike It based on the item's appearance, smell, and taste. The tasting was designed to help Student Nutrition Services provide healthy menus that are based on student preferences.

Each student received a goodie bag which included a door prize ticket that was used toward a drawing to win one of ten iPod shuffles or $50 gift cards.