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Rehabilitation Center for the Blind Equals Success

Division of Blind Services

Many people in this world dream of success, but there are those like the students below that strive to achieve and turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones on their path to accomplish their goals.

Derrick Culver

Derrick Culver received his GED last year and decided to become an entrepreneur. Derrick is now the owner of a successful clothing business and is currently in the process of obtaining a patent for his "polo knit shirts" logo. DBS is proud to have contributed to Derrick's successful career and wish him the best!

Berline Mercy

Berline Mercy, formally worked in a neo-intensive care unit as a Registered Nurse, lost all her vision but was determined to pursue a career in the medical field. Berline is now working as a missionary in Haiti at a children's medical facility.

Michelle Lamm Oregon

Michelle Lamm received training in the areas of Independent Living Skills and Access Technology. She then began her two year journey to learn the skills of piano tuning. At the age of 20, Michelle is the only woman and the youngest student to complete the School of Piano Technology for the Blind in Vancouver, Washington.

Congratulations to Derrick, Berline and Michelle on your success.