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Gifted . . . and Still Improving

Logan Marple along with his 3rd grade teacher Ms. Aaliyah Mitchell

Logan Marple moved to Florida from out of state as a second grader during Mary E. Bryant Elementary's 2002-2003 inaugural school year. When he arrived at Mary E. Bryant he was reading on a beginning to mid-first grade level. Logan had a variety of needs that required attention from various school personnel. Logan qualified for the gifted program for math and science, but needed special education assistance in reading and writing. Throughout the course of the year, with special education assistance and individualized attention, Logan was able to pass the "Hillsborough Writes" test and improve his reading to a mid-second grade level by the end of second grade, while remaining in the gifted program!

Logan's success was not limited to second grade. When Logan began third grade, he was reading on a mid-second grade level. Within the course of this school year, not only did Logan bridge the gap in reading, but he began reading on grade level. With necessary special education testing accommodations and continuous school support, Logan passed the FCAT Reading section with a 3 and the FCAT Math section with a 4.

These scores prove that children with learning differences can be successful in the traditional education setting with the support of the regular education teacher, special education teacher, and parents. We are very proud of Logan's academic success!