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Families Building Better Readers in Pinellas County

Over 175 parents showed up to the Families Building Better Readers Workshop in Pinellas County

It was a "construction zone" at Melrose Elementary School as parents of K-3 students entered the classroom to learn fun innovative ways to effectively build upon their child's reading skills and ability. Children were detoured to daycare while over 175 parents were giving their full attention to learning research-based techniques that have been proven to increase reading skills in children. "All I'm asking is that you spend at least 20 minutes a day reading with your child. This adds up to over 120 hours a year," said Dr. Angela Martin who facilitates the Families Building Better Readers workshops around the state.

Dr. Angela Martin encourages parents to read with their children every day

Each family was given a toolkit that contains blue prints for seven different reading activities that can be done at home. The toolkit also contains the "nuts and bolts" necessary to conduct all the reading activities from home including scissors, markers, a timer, notepad and crayons. Parents were then separated into smaller groups and trained on how to conduct each reading activity effectively from home.

There were no permits required. The program was all in effort to motivate, educate and encourage families to build better readers!

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