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Warfield Elementary Teachers Dedicate Themselves to Continuous Learning

Principal Francescani (far right) helps third graders with class assignment

Principal Loreen Francescani reflects on the past at Martin County’s Warfield Elementary, but her focus remains squarely on the future of the children who attend this school. Francescani became a part of Warfield Elementary following the school district’s decision to completely re-staff the entire school. The district also allocated extra money to help reduce class size at Warfield and provide additional teacher training.

With this mind, Francescani decided to rework the school’s writing program. Staff development was an integral part of the change, as was making sure that all of the teachers were on the same page in understanding these changes.

A standardized writing plan was implemented to help students transition smoothly from one grade level to the next.  Francescani also began using new reading programs that would help identify students’ weaknesses, allowing teachers to focus on the needs of each individual student. Teachers began to conference with students regarding their test scores so that they both understood the steps required for higher achievement.

In just one year, student test scores rose dramatically. Warfield Elementary, a D school from 1998-2002, improved to a B in 2003 as the result of well-trained and committed staff.

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