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Brevard Tops in National Board Certified Teachers

Satellite High School Teachers Share Their Experience

Satellite High National Board Certified Teachers (left to right): Mark Nelson, Olga Peraza, Joanna DiPeppe, Amy Andersen, Lou Thedy, Bill Ringer, Nancy Kiffer, John Harbaugh, Yvonne Weinstein and Rueanna Campbell (not pictured) with Principal Mark Elliott

Florida ranks second in the nation in the number of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs). Certification is earned through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, a private, nonprofit group that evaluates teachers' best practices and determines whether they meet national standards. The rigorous process of obtaining national certification includes submitting a comprehensive portfolio and passing assessments that reflect national standards and provide evidence of a teacher's level of accomplishment.

For the third consecutive year, Brevard Public Schools ranks second in Florida and first of the 10 largest districts in the percentage of NBCTs. Ninety-two Brevard teachers earned the distinction this year, bringing the district total to 313 NBCTs.

This accomplishment is the result of devoted teachers and active district and school support. "These results do not happen by chance," said Superintendent Richard DiPatri. "The hard work of Pat Shelton, staff development supervisor, our principals, Anne Spencer with the Brevard Federation of Teachers and the strong positive support of the School Board has made this success possible."

Satellite High School led Brevard County in the number of new NBCTs. Recently, the school's 10 NBCTs shared a little about their experience. Although many said achieving National Board Certification was one of their most challenging accomplishments, it was also agreed that they all benefited from the experience, believing that every teacher can learn from the process. The teachers frequently notice a difference in their approaches to teaching.

Even the most talented and dedicated teachers found that support was a crucial element to their completion of the program. The Satellite High School NBCTs repeatedly credited their achievements to the continual support of their mentors, peers, district staff, and families. Now the NBCTs serve as a support team for other teachers who aspire to National Board Certification.

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