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"Morning Minute" and Storybook Characters Bring Reading to Life at Clermont Elementary School

CES Storybook Characters

Clermont Elementary School (CES) in Lake County is using several innovative ways to instill a love for reading. The first is the "Morning Minute". "Morning Minute" originated as a way to get kids excited about reading. Miniaturized baby outfits were used for the background. Then, the guest staff member's head and hands were inserted into the baby outfits. During the "Baby Bookworm Club" segment of the WCES Morning News Show, a staff member told about the featured book of the day. Students eagerly awaited the "Morning Minute" with hopes of seeing the featured book and figuring out who the "Baby Bookworm Club" member was for the day.

Since the "Morning Minute" was successful at encouraging students to read, CES staff members decided to dress up as storybook characters and surprise the students. The idea was a big hit! The students were challenged to figure out who the storybook characters were, and they were encouraged to find books in the school Media Center related to the characters. The students took the challenge seriously. They worked hard to name the characters and find books relating to their favorite characters in the Media Center. Several weeks later students were still choosing books based on the staff members that they associated with the storybook characters. The storybook characters were also featured on the WCES Morning News Show. Each day one storybook character highlighted its book during the "Morning Minute" segment of the WCES Morning News Show.

These are just two of the activities that help students bring reading to life at CES. For more information on reading activities at Clermont Elementary School, visit