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Mayor of Tampa Unveils Youth Corps Initiative

Mayor Pam Iorio speaks about the Tampa Youth Corp from Blake High School in Hillsborough County

In a perfect example of how city government can partner with local schools, City of Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio unveiled the city's new Youth Corp initiative with hopes of helping teens find focus and direction. Tampa's Youth Corp will be comprised of two students from each high school, both public and private, located within the city limits, as well as six members at large. Each school will be invited to nominate students, and students may also self nominate. The mission is to provide a direct link of communication between the Mayor and the youth of Tampa.

In addition, the Youth Corps will provide students with the experience of working closely with city government, instill a sense of civic responsibility, and give opportunities for hands-on service to the citizens and the city. "A lot of young people feel like they have a lot to contribute," Iorio said. Students in the Mayor's Youth Corps will hold monthly meetings, plan community service activities, and hold regular "Rap Sessions" with the Mayor. Partners of this initiative include JP Morgan Chase and the School District of Hillsborough County. "We want that young person who hasn't quite found their niche yet," Iorio said. "We want to help with that focus and that direction."

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