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Putnam READS!

Khalia and reading tutor Stephanie Mullins

To some students reading becomes just another obligation. It's just one more thing to do for homework, but not for Khalia Garrison!

Khalia is an outstanding third-grade student at River Breeze Elementary in Putnam County. She enjoys being a part of the AmeriCorps PutnamREADS! Tutoring Program.

Khalia takes pride in her work and loves pushing herself to new levels. Her third-grade teacher, Ms. Kathy White, plays an important role in her success. Ms. White's motto is, "If you can dream it, you can achieve it. We are a class of DREAMERS and DOERS!"

PutnamREADS! is committed to student success. As a participant, Khalia has mastered the art of reading fluently. She is able to comprehend story ideas and background information rather than spend the majority of her time decoding the words. The PutnamREADS! Program expresses the importance of fluency because it frees a student to understand what they read.

Khalia steadily improves her reading skills

Within two weeks Khalia has completed the 3rd grade level of the Great Leaps Program, a research-based activity designed to improve reading fluency. Student progress is followed closely as the Great Leaps Program teaches phonics and sight phrases. Khalia is now making her way through the 4th grade reading level. WOW! What an achievement!

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