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Junior College Grad is Mathematician on a Global Scale

David Green Jr., Ph.D.

As North Florida Community College (NFCC) gears up to celebrate its 45th anniversary, November 22, the college has been gathering information about its many outstanding alumni. During the celebration, the college will pay tribute to alumni of NFCC, North Florida Junior College (NFJC) and Suwannee River Community College (SRCC). Many have gone on to achieve great things, some even on an international scale, such as professor of mathematics David Green Jr., Ph.D.

Green graduated from Suwannee River Community College in 1962. Located in Madison, SRCC was established in 1958 by the Florida Division of Community Colleges as one of 12 black community colleges. NFJC was also established in Madison that year, and the two colleges merged in 1966. NFJC became North Florida Community College in 1996.

A Monticello, Florida native, Green, earned an A.A. from SRJC in 1962 beginning an illustrious career as a mathematician and educator. He went on to earn a B.S. in mathematics from Florida A&M University, an M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Missouri and masters and doctorate degrees in mathematics from Michigan State University.

He was an instructor and professor of mathematics at Michigan State, and he was a visiting professor of mathematics at Western Michigan University and Georgia Tech. He also found time to return to his alma mater, SRJC, to teach mathematics in the mid-60s.

For the past 26 years, Green has been a member of the faculty at Kettering University in Flint, Michigan. He is head of the math and science department and enjoys an international reputation for his research and published works.

Green's resume reads like a worldwide menu. He has shared research projects with mathematicians from Germany, Russia, India, and China. He has made presentations before professional societies in the United States and in Hong Kong, Primorsko, Bulgaria and Cochin, India. Green described the mathematics community as one without borders bringing together theorists who share a thirst for knowledge.

While his profession affords him global connections, Green still has ties to rural north Florida. "I have many, many cousins in Jefferson County," he said. "My sister, Mary Keaton, lives in Monticello and my brother, Andrew, is nearby in Tallahassee."

"When I attended Suwannee River Junior College, I was excited about the opportunity to learn and to acquire knowledge," said Green. "Going to college was a way for me to go beyond our small farming community," he said.

Green values his experiences at SRJC. "I always enjoyed learning and education, and SRJC provided that opportunity," he said. He also recently wrote NFCC President Morris Steen that he is "pleased to know that there is a continued interest in keeping the memories of SRJC alive."

Green is married to Evelyn, a chemist and professor at Lansing Community College. They have two children, Alysia, a medical resident, and Melissa, a law student.

"What a remarkable man and educator," said Steen. "Dr. Green is one among a long list of outstanding alumni who have played a part in the rich history of SRJC and NFCC. Every day I hear about alumni who are out there doing great things. We're proud of them."

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